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It’s time to talk EDM

No, we’re not talking about going dancing. Electronic Direct Mail or EDM are a seriously underrated tool in the advertising industry. Too many people overlook the effectiveness... Read more  Read more
Circle Media Christmas

Christmas is coming

December is well underway now, and that means we’re all busier than ever. Not only is work ramping up as you prepare for the end of the... Read more  Read more
Circle Media offshore hosting 1

Onshore vs. offshore hosting

Recently, there have been a number of instances where we have been asked to put a site onto offshore hosting. Often this hosting looks professional and legitimate,... Read more  Read more
Circle Media Google Listings 4

Google My Business: Circle Media’s top tips for improving your ranking

Listings on Google Maps can be an invaluable tool for your business. Google My Business Listings are widely trusted for recommendations, so holding a coveted top three... Read more  Read more

Radio advertising: the unsung hero

It seems to be a popular opinion that radio has passed its peak. It’s had its glory days and now it’s on the way out. But, just... Read more  Read more

Circle Media’s top insights into agricultural advertising

Marketers pride themselves on understanding people and how they work. Whether it’s their clients or target audiences, they know who they’re dealing with. Yet one demographic that... Read more  Read more
Circle Media SEO Ranking 4

Being promised a high SEO Ranking? Here’s what to look out for

Getting offered the number 1 ranking on Google and want to know if it’s too good to be true? It is. More and more businesses are being... Read more  Read more
Circle Media Google Analytics

Can Google Analytics help you understand your customers?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for shaping your online business strategy. It collects all the key data from your website and presents it to you in... Read more  Read more
Circle Media Instagram algorithm

Peek behind the curtain of the famous Instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm has just been updated, and in order to prevent mass hysteria and a flood of complaints on Twitter, they got together with top tech... Read more  Read more
Circle Media Business Cards

Business cards are thriving in the digital age

We live in the digital age, but that doesn’t make business cards out-dated. With all of the online options for networking, business cards can feel unnecessary and... Read more  Read more
Circle Media social media computer

Social media: understanding your audience

The first step to succeeding on social media is understanding your audience. Each platform is different and should be used accordingly. Here we look at some of... Read more  Read more
circle media_google adwords

Google AdWords: targeted advertising to help your business

Google AdWords is a powerful advertising tool when used correctly. The theory behind it is great, you only have to pay for the advertising that works, which... Read more  Read more
circle media_ssl certificate

Why your website needs an SSL certificate

A SSL certificate might sound like daunting technical jargon to you, and us explaining that it stands for Secure Sockets Layer probably doesn’t help. But having an... Read more  Read more
Circle Media Marketing 3

Marketing: agency or in-house?

Going in-house or hiring an agency is a marketing question all businesses are faced with. Today, we’re going to lay out your options, and make sure you... Read more  Read more

Caching and website content

Some of the most common questions the team at Circle Media Geelong get from our clients about their website ultimately are a result of caching. These questions... Read more  Read more

Advertising advice from Circle Media

When asked about advertising, specifically, where a business should advertise, there really isn’t just one answer. The best answer to ‘where should I advertise?’ comes in a... Read more  Read more

Responsive website design and Google ranking

Google is arguably the most commonly used search engine platform on the internet. What this means is that it is important for your website to be found... Read more  Read more
Multiple Instagram accounts

Setup and manage multiple Instagram accounts

Today we’re showing you how to setup multiple accounts with Instagram, so you can quickly switch between accounts without having to manually log out and back in... Read more  Read more
website vs social media

Website vs. social media

It’s the age-old question brought in to the modern era: website vs social media, which is the best option? Many people ask us whether they need a... Read more  Read more