Marketing: agency or in-house?

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Going in-house or hiring an agency is a marketing question all businesses are faced with. Today, we’re going to lay out your options, and make sure you get the most out of your marketing.


For a small business, marketing can feel like an unnecessary expense. Many of the platforms used are designed to be user friendly, and therefore DIY marketing can be a great option. But, first consider these two points.

One: you get what you pay for. You may be able to plod through some marketing basics. Boost some posts on Facebook and create a simple website and you’re on your way. But, it may turn into a time consuming exercise that isn’t getting you the results you need. If you’re wasting precious time trying to achieve simple results, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Two: is marketing your priority? If the answer is no, then DIY-ing isn’t for you. Successful marketing needs to be consistent and fresh. If it looks like it’ll be an afterthought or chore, think again.

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Option 2: IN-HOUSE

Hiring a marketing manager in-house can be the in-between many businesses favour. You might strike gold and hire a talented individual who meets all of your marketing needs. But here are two things to look out for.

One: marketing is a broad term. It encompasses different skills from graphic design to copywriting. The likelihood of being able to find one person who can do it all is very slim. Your alternative is to hire an agency of people, each with a specific skillset, to cover all of your bases.

Two: if you end up understaffed will your marketing manager still be able to focus on marketing? If they get pulled into doing other people’s work because your business is struggling, something’s not working.

Option 3: AGENCY

Hiring an agency may seen extravagant. But, you are getting access to a range of media professionals, whose sole focus is marketing. They come with an extensive working understanding of the industry and are constantly updating their skills. But before you sign your agency, you’ll want to have a look at what they’re doing to ensure they are the best fit for you.

Take a look at previous clients, how they measure success, what skills they will bring to the table, how they are designing their websites and so forth, to see if they would suit your business. Then if you like what you see, assign a test job. It will provide you with a good indication of the type of work and media they think would suit your business. Pay close attention to how they handle the budget, timeframe and how they communicate, as they are important factors to your decision.

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Now let’s talk money

Hiring an agency might seem like a big financial commitment compared to hiring in-house, but that’s not technically true. On an hourly rate, an agency will come off higher, but that’s where your expenses end. Hiring in-house means you’ll have another employee to pay who comes with all of the added costs of being on payroll. Marketing in-house means you have to pay for software, and any jobs that can’t be produced on site. It’s those extras that won’t cost you with an agency. The hourly rate covers a lot.

What’s the verdict?

There is a lot to consider as to which option suits you, but don’t be scared to spend some money to get real results. You’re getting what you pay for, whether that’s one talented individual or a whole team of them.

If you’ve got any questions about the services we provide at Circle Media contact us today.

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