Copywriting for print and web

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the fancy way of talking about any writing that gets done for an advertising purpose. Whether that’s writing the script for a radio ad, writing headlines for a social media campaign or writing the copy for print ads, they all fall under the umbrella of copywriting.

What we do

So if you need to put an idea into words, Circle Media writes engaging, relevant copy to meet all of our clients needs. Whether you need words written for a new website, Mailchimp or Facebook post, our copywriting team will make sure you’re getting your point across.

The team at Circle Media understand the importance of good SEO. Not only will your copy read well, but it’ll rank well too. From blog posts to website copy, we make sure your key points are coming across and Google knows exactly what you want to say. Because that’s important too.

Any ads you want to place, whether they’re print, radio, online, or anything in-between, we’ll do the copywriting for it. We make sure it integrates with your campaign, hits your target audience and fits the medium. Have a talk to the team at Circle Media today about the best way to get your message across.