Social Media Management and Marketing

As a business, social media can keep your customers in the loop of special deals, new products and events. It can also be used to give your customers a behind the scenes look at your business.

Additionally, providing a place for customers to share their experiences with your business, message you directly or review your business. In short, social media is a very powerful marketing platform.

In today’s digital age, most businesses understand the need for a presence online. However, social media can be intimidating and time consuming. The key is consistent posting, however not all businesses have the time to post regularly or keep a watchful eye on all their platforms. As such, businesses large and small are turning to Circle Media for social media management and marketing.

Social media setup

Circle Media work with clients to advise on the best platforms for their business. We understand that not every platform is right for every business. We talk with you about the best options for your company, to ensure that you get the results you need.

Circle Media will set up your social media in a professional manner. We brand your chosen platforms by creating engaging and appropriate cover images and profile pictures that represent your business.

Social media content creation

Circle Media create interesting and relevant content to be shared on social media pages. Content that encourages interaction and has been proven to increase page likes and followers.

The team tailor post creation to the needs of your business. We understand that some of our clients prefer to keep their online presence quite professional and focus on their products and staff. Others are happy to share funny videos or images that more loosely relate to their business, but engage their target audience. Tone of voice is also considered for all copy used on posts to maintain a consistent tone throughout the page: whether its professional, casual or somewhere in between. Through initial discussions and continued evaluation with your business we will determine the style suitable to your business; in both visual content and the copy that pairs with the image or video.

Social media management

Circle Media offer different levels of management involvement to suit your need – eliminating a one size fits all approach. We look after businesses social media 100% of the time covering multiple platforms with content creation and posting, maintenance and monitoring. We also work with clients who share the posting and monitoring duties with Circle Media.

In addition, Circle Media offer maintenance and management only options. If you feel confident to create social media content for your business, but don’t have the time to check for feedback on a daily basis – Circle Media can work with you. We will monitor your pages: looking for comments, likes and feedback multiple times a day. Circle Media are experienced to promptly deal with issues or negative feedback, if by chance it was to arise.

Social Media platforms we can manage for your business:

Let’s talk social media

The options are endless and we are happy to talk with your business to establish the best option for you. If you have any questions please get in touch. We are always happy to set up a meeting to discuss how we can help you get your social media where you want it.