The advantages of website translation

Benefits of Website Translation

Multilingual websites

Have you considered the benefits website translation could bring to your website?

Growing a business is all about relationships, however trying to build strong customer relationships without communication can be very difficult. Good communication is the key to any business, and is becoming even more so, in the era of globalisation. Adding a multilingual translator to your website, could be what you’re looking for to boost your business success.

As technology advances, it’s becoming easier to implement accurate translations throughout your entire website. It’s now possible for website visitors to translate your website into over 100 different languages with one simple click.

At least 12.9 million Australians have access to the Internet in 2016, and at least 50% of all Australians are shopping online. Everyone appears to be finding more reasons to be online: whether looking to buy or sell, searching for holiday accommodation, finding entertainment, social networking, transferring files or photos, sourcing information and much more. Chances are your website fits in to at least one of these categories.

We will explore some of the main reasons you should consider offering your business information in over 100 different languages: from English to Croatian, Italian or Chinese.

Website Translation Case Study

Recently we added Google Translate to a clients website. Within the first 3 months of installing the new web page translator, 11.97% of their website visitors (new and existing) were translating the website into languages other than English. By adding analytic’s to the website data we can see that people are translating the website before they reach the purchase area. On average around 14 people a day are utilising the feature, making it a welcome addition to the website.

Additionally, the client started receiving more phone call and email enquires within the same period of time. Website translation has positively benefited the client.


Your website is an integral part of your business strategy. A website is often your customers first point of call for your business. It is accessed by your local market, and can be visited by people all over the world, 24/7. As such, it is becoming increasingly important that your website is easily read, simple to navigate and accessible to anyone who visits it, including those who speak English as a second language.

Several years ago English was the most widely used language on the web. English written content was estimated to be taking up 75% of websites. However, data collected over a 16 year period has revealed that the main language of the internet has changed considerably. More Victorians than ever with English as a second language are accessing the internet. Websites are evolving at a rapid rate, so we need to consider and accommodate for a diverse audience that’s also expanding. By utilising a website translation service, you’re making your website easily accessible to a wider Victorian market.

Roughly 5% of residents living in the City of Greater Geelong speak languages other than English, with at least 1.3% of the population speaking Italian or Croatian as a first language at home. With upwards of 11.97% of Victorians speaking languages other than English. By offering a translate option on your website you are giving your business a competitive edge – by making your website multilingual it can now be read by all Victorians no matter what their first language is.

There are a variety of ways to offer website translation, but one of the easiest has come directly from Google. Google Translate is maintained by a Translate Community. Google encourages and rewards new people to join who are multilingual to contribute to the Translate database, the community can then monitor and help make accurate translations. Once added to your website, Google Translate looks relatively simple and unintrusive to the overall design of a site. A simple drop down bar is added to your website’s menu. Once coded into your website, visitors can easily translate your website in to over 100 different languages within seconds.

Reasons to translate your website

  • Offering a multilingual website, with the addition of a translate option, gives your business a competitive advantage. You are positioning your business as future ready; prepared for when multilingual websites become the norm, rather than the exception.
  • A multilingual website will help your site rank better.
  • A website that can be translated will bring new customers, because you have provided the means for your company’s audience to grow beyond it’s current reach.
  • By offering an easily translatable website you are demonstrating that you care about your customer base. It subtly shows that you put in the effort to care about providing a website in their spoken language. In turn, if the customer believes you to care about their accessibility, they are more likely to want to engage with your business. Ultimately improving conversion rates.
  • It makes the user feel comfortable exploring your website as they can understand and navigate your website with ease in their preferred language.
  • By offering the ability to translate your website easily you begin to stand out from the crowd. Achieved by providing your customers with something more than your competitors.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call at Circle Media to get your website ahead of the digital market.

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