Catalogue design and production

Circle Media was built on catalogue design and production. In the last 10 years we’ve produced catalogues for some of Australia’s biggest names in retail.

From print runs of more than a million a month to speciality catalogues that were direct mailed to consumers, we create visually appealing catalogues that will engage your target market. Your customers will feel engaged and understood while exploring a catalogue that is easy to navigate. Ultimately resulting in improved customer interest, increased store traffic and improved sales for your business.

Catalogues, still relevant in today’s market

Catalogues, and/or buying guides, are still one of the most relevant ways to get your products in front of clients. A catalogue provides you with the ability to showcase your most desirable and/or sale products and have it readily available in your clients hands. As such, this makes a catalogue a unique marketing tool that can easily be used in conjunction with other marketing media.

Catalogues of all sizes

Circle Media have worked with businesses to create catalogues of all sizes – from 4 page flyer-style catalogues to 800+ buying guides. We have the capability to create store specific catalogue versions featuring the address and contact details of each store.

Catalogue printing

Using Australian printers with proven track records, we organise the printing and shipment of your catalogue. Print runs can be arranged in any quantity – from 200 copies to 100,000+ copies. No job run is too big or too small.

Circle Media have the means to ship the printed product to one, or multiple points for distribution. We can even organise a mail drop, if needed. On top of the printed format of the catalogue, we will provide your company with a digital version that can easily be uploaded to your business website, sent out to an email list or uploaded to social media.

Directories and product guides

Do you have a large product range you want to showcase? A vast product range that wont elegantly fit in to a catalogue design?

Circle Media also create custom large scale directories for businesses. These directories can promote your full inventory and are especially suitable for suppliers and distributors. Directories are a fantastic resource to showcase components, parts and product ranges, among other things. Circle Media are happy to discuss directories with you and provide any additional information you may require.

Let’s talk catalogue design

Circle Media can make catalogues, buying guides, or directories happen for you. We have the contacts and skills to organise production, print and distribution. Talk to us today to find out what we can do for your business.