Photography and videography

Circle Media have experienced photographers on staff. We also work with specialist photographers and videographers when needed.

Our team take notable images of your staff and business.


Looking for unique imagery that represents your business, your staff, your products? Want photographs for your website, advertising or social media? The Circle Media staff are experienced in taking the photos needed to make your brand stand out and get noticed. We specialise in product photography, on site photography, corporate photography and staff portraits.

Talk to us to establish how we can work with you to create captivating imagery for your business.


Circle Media create promotional videos for brands and products. We have a team that film the content needed; including staff interviews, customer interviews, products in action and drone footage. We then use our experience to cut the footage together to create engaging movies that can be used on websites, social media, during events or as cinema or television ads.

In the past we have created videos for staff induction, product promotion, customer experience, corporate events, event promotion, cinema advertising and television commercials. However the options are endless.

Shareable content

Over the past five years we’ve produced an increasing amount of video content for social media. We have a talented production team who take your video footage and create small, sharable snippets of content for your social media profiles. This service has increased in popularity, as Facebook videos are a great way to gain interaction. These snippets play well across a variety of social platforms, including YouTube and Instagram. They’re highly sharable and make great feature content. When you’re looking for consistent, engaging content, shooting a video and using excerpts are a great way to go.

Drone footage

If your business operates on a large scale, Circle Media can produce quality drone footage to showcase your enterprise. Gone are the days of struggling to frame shots or being left with footage shot from awkward angles, Drone footage provides a professional view. It can be a great tool to show your machinery in action, the scope of your workshop or your team working on the job. If you’re looking to shoot content that would benefit from a sweeping overhead shot, tracking or a unique angle, talk to the team at Circle Media.

Have something in mind? Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.