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Print still matters: signage and POS marketing

To potentially increase your customer’s average spend, you might think about placing smaller, less expensive items near the till. For example a bin with high purchase items... Read more  Read more

Print still matters: catalogues

We spend a good majority of our time online when researching a brand, service or product. It can take time to navigate through websites and find a... Read more  Read more
Facebook live is still alive

Facebook Live is still alive!

Facebook Live is a 
real-time video post that appears directly on your Facebook page as it happens. It is public 
and allows your followers, as well as... Read more  Read more
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The top five things you need to be updating on your website

Your website is an important part of your business. It’s 2019 and everyone expects you to have one; but simply getting a domain name and a basic... Read more  Read more
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Let’s unpack ‘engaging content’

Engaging content is a term we throw around a lot at Circle Media. It’s something that we think about for ourselves and it’s definitely something we aim... Read more  Read more
Circle Media Facebook in 2019

What’s new with Facebook in 2019

It’s been a while now since we’ve spoken about the benefits of Facebook marketing and some changes have been made. We’re midway through 2019 now, so it’s... Read more  Read more
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Five reasons why you need a blog on your website

Writing a blog can feel like a big ask at times. You’ve had a busy week running your business and keeping on top of work, and then... Read more  Read more
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Don’t panic – here are our top tips for dealing with negative reviews

With every man and his dog having an online presence and an opinion on everything, negative reviews are inevitable in 2019. Even if you’re doing everything right... Read more  Read more
Circle Media custom wordpress themes

Why we develop custom WordPress themes at Circle Media

Back in 2003, WordPress started its life as a blogging platform as a way for people to easily publish their content on the internet. It didn’t take... Read more  Read more
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Business Card Design 101

Business cards are more important than ever in this digital age. They cut through the online clutter and can make a great first impression. This was a... Read more  Read more
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Branded merchandise is winning in 2019

Branded merchandise is an often-overlooked advertising medium, particularly in our current digital climate. When people are looking for cost effective ways to boost brand visibility and recall,... Read more  Read more
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Do field days still have relevance in 2019?

The Wimmera Machinery Field Days have just taken place up in Horsham, and they’ve brought to light an interesting conversation. Are Field Days worth the expense? Field... Read more  Read more
Circle Media Google Reviews

Build your business with Google Reviews

Reviews deserve five stars. They’re honest opinions on goods and services that help consumers make an informed decision about a product before investing their money on it.... Read more  Read more
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What’s new in SEO in 2019

2019 has arrived and is well underway, and here at Geelong’s Circle Media we’ve hit the ground running. While it still feels like early January, it’s really... Read more  Read more
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Choosing your domain name

Choosing a domain name can feel like an afterthought. You’ve already done the hard work naming your new business, and the rest of the process is just... Read more  Read more
Circle Media rural marketing

Rural marketing: the importance of social media

Marketing to the rural community can be a challenge, particularly when you’re unfamiliar with it. And an underrated asset in the rural marketing process is social media.... Read more  Read more

It’s time to talk EDM

No, we’re not talking about going dancing. Electronic Direct Mail or EDM are a seriously underrated tool in the advertising industry. Too many people overlook the effectiveness... Read more  Read more