Christmas is coming

Circle Media Christmas

December is well underway now, and that means we’re all busier than ever. Not only is work ramping up as you prepare for the end of the year and organise to have some time away over Christmas, but it’s getting busier at home too. Your free time is filled with present shopping and Christmas cooking; it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, take a deep breath as we go through our to-do list to get your business ready for Christmas.

1. We’re slashing prices this Christmas

The holiday season is a great opportunity for a sale. As a nation, we’ve spent all of November getting ready to pull out the wallet and spend big for Christmas so it’s an important time for businesses to capitalise on this. If you’ve got stock you don’t want to bring into 2019 cut the price and start fresh next year. If you’ve got products that people will need in the New Year, start advertising them now. You’ll want to start preparing for this early so you’re ready for the rush. Plus, you’ve got the Christmas break to recover from a flat out couple of weeks, so go big.

2. We’re still open!

It’s so important that you let your customers know your December trading hours, even if they haven’t changed. Post your opening hours over social media to make sure customers can drop by. This is key even if you’re not selling a product that’ll be popular over Christmas. People often take the time to go away or relax, making them eager to get everything in order well before Christmas. You never know what people need to restock on.

Circle Media Christmas 2

3. We’re closed. Please try again later

If you’re closing your business over the Christmas period, make sure people know well in advance. This gives customers a chance to prepare and get anything they might need well before you close up shop. There’s nothing worse than losing business because a potential customer was caught unawares.

4. You’ve reached the message bank of…

Make sure you’re offering an after hours contact number if you’re closing or having shorter hours this holiday season. This ensures that all of your customers feel taken care of, and you’re not returning to a full answering machine of lost business.

Circle Media Christmas 3

5. Thanks for a great 2018

Before you leave for your break send out an email to your customers thanking them for a great year. It’s an easy way to show your appreciation and encourages customer loyalty entering the New Year.

6. Time to celebrate

Once all the hard work is out of the way, say a huge thank you to the staff with an office Christmas party. It’s a great way to end the year and shows you’ve really valued their work. Send them off on their holiday in style and use it as a great excuse for a party.


If you’re reading this and realise you haven’t posted your opening hours or sent out a big thank you MailChimp, talk to the team at Circle Media today. We’ll be celebrating Christmas from the 20th of December to the 7th of January, so we hope to see you all in the New Year.

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