It’s time to talk EDM

No, we’re not talking about going dancing. Electronic Direct Mail or EDM are a seriously underrated tool in the advertising industry. Too many people overlook the effectiveness of email marketing, viewing it as out-dated in the social media era we’re living. But it’s not something you should ignore; it can be a great tool for growing your business.

What are EDMs?

Funny you might ask this question, because I’m sure if you log into your email right now you have a dozen sitting in your inbox waiting for your attention. EDMs are effectively e-newsletters and they’re a versatile tool for your business. You can use them for ecommerce purposes; to send out special offers, new arrivals, sale notices and the classic “we miss you” email. But, they’re also used to send out advice and tips and tricks, company newsletters and industry news.

Why we love them

EDMs are the only form of mass communication that is measurable and provides useful data. When you send out an EDM you can see how many people opened your email, who clicked on your links, and the basic profile on the person. It’ll tell you what device they’re using and what time they opened your email. This is all valuable information to have. As a result, it’s easy to calculate your return on investment; so your EDM will be quick to prove its worth to you.

Customise your EDM

If you want your customers to really feel valued, you’re able to customise your e-newsletter. You can address the email to them; send messages on their birthdays and just go the extra step to make your customers feel appreciated. It’s the little touches like this that can go a long way.

Circle Media EDM 2

Are you sure you want to hit send?

Most EDM services have a ‘test email’ feature so you’re able to see exactly what you’re going to send your customers. This gives you the opportunity to make sure everything is working correctly and that it looks exactly how you want it. It also means you can open the email on various devices to make sure everything’s perfect.

Controlled mass marketing

EDMs are one of the few mass marketing tools where you’re able to completely control your audience. You can create contact lists with your customers and subscribers to ensure your email is reaching the right people. This means you’re talking to people who have at least some connection to your brand and should be interested in what you have to say.

It’s free (mostly)

Many EDM services only begin to charge you once you reach a certain number of subscribers. This makes it a great tool for new businesses looking to grow their brand, as it won’t cost them money until they’ve already made it.

Content is always key

This is the disclaimer that gets placed alongside any good advertising tool because it’s always true. If you’re creating basic, unexciting EDMs people won’t open them. Of the dozen that are sitting in your inbox you’ll probably only open half. People subscribe early and loose interest unless you’re actively working to engage with them. So think about what you’re sending and how often it’s going out and you’ll have a far more successful relationship with your client’s inbox.



If you’re looking to start sending EDMs for your business, talk to the team at Circle Media today and join our own mailing list. You’ll get some great content sent via Mailchimp (our EDM of choice) and you’ll see what we can do for you.

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