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When asked about advertising, specifically, where a business should advertise, there really isn’t just one answer. The best answer to ‘where should I advertise?’ comes in a response specific to your business. This answer will be dependent on your target market, your budget, the product you are advertising and the period of time you want to advertise for. Additionally it will depend on what you aim to get out of your advertising – is it to build audience, sell a product, create awareness or something else. In many cases there are a large number of additional factors that interconnect to create the best solution for your business. Often the best results will come from integrating a variety of advertising methods.

Talk about your advertising options

We recommend talking with your design agency about what you want to achieve with you business advertising. It can also be helpful to talk with customers about how they found out about your business and/or product range, or where they would look to find you. This can offer an excellent guide for the most suitable advertising portals for your business.

While catalogues or transit ads may be the most suitable option for some businesses, AdWords or press ads could work better for others. At Circle Media we take the time to discuss the various options with you. We aim to provide the best advertising plan for your business to achieved the desired result.

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Our top piece of advice

The single biggest piece of advice we would offer any business is to make sure there is a call to action on your advertising and that you can measure the results of your advertising.

Andy discusses the variety of advertising methods and offers one key piece of advice for whichever medium your business chooses to advertise through. Watch the video, or read the transcript below, to find out what his key piece of advice is.

Video transcript

We have included a transcript so you can read what Andy had to say:

Howdy. Andy Worland from Circle Media. One of the most common questions we get is, “Where do I advertise?” We have a range of businesses we deal with, from rural and regional businesses to some metro ones, but probably the most common question is “Where do I advertise?” Well, look, it’s a big question. If you think about the channels and all the places you can advertise, or we call them channels, you know, you’ve got TV, radio, print, newspaper, magazines, inserts. You can do outdoor advertising, billboard advertising, social media, you know, internet, mass transit ads. You can do ads on buses, you can do ads on trucks. The range is amazing.

The only piece of advice we give anyone who’s thinking about advertising is to, one, ask their clients where they see them, and, two, test the results of their media. If you put an ad in, make sure there’s a call to action in it, and make sure that it’s testable to make sure that you’re getting results. Now, look, you know, we’ve got clients who are in smaller regional towns, and sometimes they’ll advertise in their local paper because, you know, that’s a good thing, and it’s good for supporting the local paper and that sort of stuff. But if you’re spending $3000 or $4000 on a press ad that’s in, you know, one of the major rural papers, you know state-based rural papers, you want to make sure you see results for it. So you need to put some way of testing that out in there. And that’s putting an offer in, call us, do whatever else, but make sure it’s measurable.

Internet advertising, social media advertising, far more easier to measure. We do a lot of analytical work with websites. We can see where people are coming from to go to the websites, we can see what they’re doing once they get to the website, and we can also see the response rates that they’re getting from the website as well. So, a far more measurable medium. And if you’re doing SEM, or search engine management, or, you know, AdWords for want of a better term, you can actually pay on result. You’re not paying up-front for it.

But, look, if you feel that you want to have a chat about your advertising, if you don’t think your advertising’s efficient enough or if you want to try and make it more efficient, feel free to give us a call at Circle Media. You can reach us on the phone on 03 5273 4846 or just go and find us on the web, Keep an eye out for our next blog. We’ll be back soon.

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