Print still matters: signage and POS marketing

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Capitalise on impulse

To potentially increase your customer’s average spend, you might think about placing smaller, less expensive items near the till. For example a bin with high purchase items with a prominent poster give the customer a sense of convenience. Point of sale (POS) printed marketing at the counter like standees, flyers, magnets, brochures can be used with great effect. If the customer has a question, you immediately have a visual aid to utilise when selling or promoting. Good POS and in store marketing lets the customer know the expertise and/or deal is immediately available.

Posters and POS Promotions

If you need to move a particular product, consider promoting it at POS and with in store posters. You can couple it with another complimentary product as a deal. This is also a space to print any supplier marketing collateral you may have access to in order to promote new sales or products. Be front and centre as soon as your customer enters the store. It’s also beneficial to create some visual impact with a display of the product you are wanting to promote. 

Consider a loyalty program

Gaining new customers is great, but we all know our regular customers are the backbone of your business. Repeat customers will spend around 67% more than first-time customers when they return and, over their lifetime, they’re worth 10 times as much. You want to reward and retain this customer. Design some loyalty cards with either a barcode system or simple stamp. Put signage near your POS that promotes the benefits of your loyalty program. This may be for smaller purchases only, perhaps on consumables such as oil, filters, spark plugs, fixtures etc. It’s possible your supplier has a loyalty program in place that you can implement, so investigate what is available to your business. When customers feel appreciated, they return. When they feel like they are getting value or money, even more so. Make that connection and investigate what most appeals to your customers. 

Gift cards

Gift cards are a fantastic marketing introduction to new and exisiting customers. Your customers can buy gift cards for their friends, family and colleagues, in turn extending the reach of your business. Your card could be gifted to someone interstate who may still make a large purchase over the phone, prompted by the gift card they were given. Gift cards are also a great way to up sell. When customers meet a certain price and are given a $15 gift card for example, they’re more likely to grab a few more items. Make sure to display your custom gift cards at your POS so it’s easy for customers to add them to their purchase. Don’t forget to include them on your website as an available item.

Impact vs Too Much

Ever been to the supermarket and tried to pick a jam? There are so many flavours, it’s impossible. Keep it simple – don’t overwhelm your customers with too many signs. This area is a valuable piece of real estate in your store. It’s often the last place where you’ll be able to make an impression before your customer leaves. It’s crucial that you take advantage of the space by using it with your most important messages. If you can include an option for the customer to sign up to your e-newsletter via an iPad on the counter or sign up form.

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