Business name and domain name registration

Business name and domain name registration

Naming your business is the first step in creating a business venture that is all yours. Andy talks about business name and domain name registration. Offering some hints to help you make the process of a new business as smooth as possible.

If you would prefer to read what Andy had to say on business name and domain name registration, we have included a transcription of his advice below.

Howdy. I’m Andy Worland from Circle Media here this morning. I’m gonna have a talk to you about something that’s reasonably important, and can save you a lot of pain down the track. And that’s registering your business name and starting off a business.

We see increasingly often that people are coming in and have registered a business name and want to create a website to match that business name, and they can’t get the domain name. A complex situation. If someone else owns the domain name the rules are very unclear about getting that domain name back or purchasing it, and it’s pretty much a free-for-all. If you’re disparately searching for that domain name and they want to charge you whatever they want to charge you, you’re really gonna have to pay it to get it back. It’s that unclear.

So how do you stop that from happening? Well, it’s pretty easy. There’s two things you can do. One, go and have a look at the ASIC website. And there’s a business name registry on there where you can actually search for availability of business names. So you can see on the screen here Circle Media is not available, funnily enough. We do exist.

And then the second component is go and have a look at Crazy Domains or a reputable domain seller, and see if the domain’s available as well that matches your business.

And a really simple trick with domain names is try and keep them as short as possible. The reason you keep them short, because you’re going to spend the next 3, or 5, or 10 years spelling it out to people on the phone for you email address or the business name. So try and keep it short and punchy.

But if you can do those two things and register them pretty much at the same time, you’ll save yourself a lot of pain and a lot of trouble down the track. And you’ll be able to think your way around it. If you can’t get exactly what you’re after, look for options, look for alternatives. You’ll find something there that’s available for you and suits your needs.

And if you have any other issues or questions about business naming or naming businesses or domain names, feel free to give us a call at Circle Media on 03 5273 4846. Or go to our website

Thanks very much for listening and look forward to our next blog.

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