Print still matters: catalogues


We spend a good majority of our time online when researching a brand, service or product. It can take time to navigate through websites and find a brand that appears trustworthy and good value for money. A catalogue is an opportunity to communicate to them why your brand is different, where the value lies and how to purchase. Most importantly, to establish rapport. If your customer visits you in person and leaves without a product catalogue or printed item, it’s not guaranteed that they will return to purchase. If you have a well designed, informational catalogue that contains a range of products they were seeking and how to buy them, statistics show it’s highly likely they will return to purchase, buy online through your website or engage with you. You also have the option of sending catalogues directly to your customers and can specify the radius from your business to ensure they are reaching a relevant target market.

Brand Positioning

A printed catalogue or brochure allows you to control what your customer sees. It presents your brand exactly as you intend, and displays the best features of your products or services for your customer to view anytime they like. As a physical item, the customer can view at their convenience and connect on a tactile level, that is, hold it in their hands. A printed item communicates a premium feel, that the brand cares about how they communicate with their customers.

Special Offers, New Products or Promotions

Who doesn’t appreciate a catalogue in the mail with new offers or discounts? This opportunity to reach the customer in the home at their leisure is still a strong marketing exercise and well utilised by a lot of our clients to great effect. As well as advertising a sale, promotion or new product, a coupon for 10% off full price, or a free gift with purchase is a great way to get customers into your store. Once there, the impression you make on them is on you. Make sure the offer is not misleading or even grandiose. Remember, customers appreciate connection and most of all, value for money.

Ok, but isn’t it all about digital these days?

In many ways, yes, a lot of business communication occurs digitally these days. However, it is interesting to note that when Australia Post polled consumers who they trust more when making a purchasing decision, a huge 62% of respondents said they trusted catalogues and flyers the most over other advertising, including digital. This shows that traditional media marketing still works, and works very well. Some facts to consider:

  • 75percent
    75% of online purchasing was primarily influenced by the printed catalogue (Sappi, 2017)
  • 68percent
    68% of 25-34 year old Australians read printed catalogues compared to 12% reading online. (Roy Morgan Research, 2017-2018)
  • 44percent
    Of consumers who received direct mail from an e-retailer, 44% said they made an online purchase as a result. (International Post Corporation, 2018)

What about quantities and delivery?

It depends – you can go with a mail drop, and specify a certain radius from your business. Alternatively, you can have them in your store, or available to send out to customers. From 50 to 10,000 or even more, determining the correct amount and within a budget to suit is something Circle Media can help you nail down. We can design a visually exciting and well communicated catalogue or flyer best suited to your needs. Talk to us today about how print still matters and how it can benefit your business and customers.

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