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Circle Media Facebook in 2019

It’s been a while now since we’ve spoken about the benefits of Facebook marketing and some changes have been made. We’re midway through 2019 now, so it’s time for an update on how to get the most out of your Facebook presence. By this stage we don’t need to tell you just how important of a platform Facebook is for your business. The majority of the population are active users, and that includes your customers. So here’s Circle Media’s top tips on how to make your online presence count on Facebook in 2019. It’s a valuable platform so don’t waste it by making poor decisions and falling behind on the trends.

Organic reach is dropping fast on Facebook in 2019

The Facebook algorithm is ever changing and we’re seeing the effects of that now more than ever. Organic reach is down. This means that when you’re posting on your Facebook page, not all your followers are seeing it. In fact, in 2019 the average organic reach for a Facebook post is only 6.4% of the page’s total likes. So if you’re wondering why every one of your followers isn’t liking your posts, it’s because they haven’t seen it. This shouldn’t discourage you from posting; it should just push you to up for Facebook game. Give your followers content they genuinely want to see. This should boost your post’s engagement and consequently Facebook will show it to a larger audience.

Make sure your content is engaging

Engaging content is the key to everything. On average, Facebook users only spend 2.5 seconds on any piece of content, so you really need to make it count. Tailor your content to your audience and make sure it’s relevant and engaging otherwise it will be easily overlooked and ignored. We’re exposed to so much content that it’s easy to get lost in the mess.

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Don’t expect instant results

As you start pouring more time and effort into your Facebook presence, it can be frustrating when you’re not rewarded with likes. But unless you’re a brand new business that’s the reality. 0.15% is the average monthly change in page likes across the board. So as long as your following is slowing increasing you’re doing okay.

Let’s talk Facebook video

It’s long been established that if you want engagement, video is the way to go. But, there are a few new tricks we’ve picked up along the way.

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Facebook is a visual platform

Does it surprise you to hear that 85% of all Facebook videos are now played without sound, and as many as 80% of users are actively annoyed when videos autoplay sound? Understanding this has let us change the way we approach our videos. Don’t rely solely on voiceover or a great soundtrack. You need to pair it with engaging visuals and informative captions that will encourage people to click on to watch your video in full.

Our attention spans aren’t what they used to be

Nearly half of your videos value is determined within the first 3 seconds. That’s how long you have to capture your audience’s attention. Older demographics typically engage for longer than younger demographics, with 18-24 year olds paying 75% less attention than the 65+ demographic. So think about who you’re trying to reach and how they engage with videos.

This being said, videos are still winning. People generally stay on a video five times longer than on a static Facebook post. People will spend three times longer watching a live video than a pre recorded one. And as many as 30% of mobile shoppers say video is the best medium for discovering new products. Video is still a great way to reach your audience, but it’s more important than ever to understand how to engage your audience and what they respond to.

The power of advertising on Facebook in 2019

With organic reach rapidly decreasing, the average number of Facebook ad impressions has increased by 21% and the prices are steadily rising. I’m sure you can do the maths there. Facebook ads are easily the best way to grow your audience in 2019, but it’ll still take time. An average Facebook user clicks on 8 ads per month and the average CTR across all industries is 0.9% on ads. All this means is that it’s still going to take time, effort and engaging content to grow your following. Growing your online following isn’t something you can expect to happen on its own. You need a strategic plan and good follow through to start seeing good results. Just throwing money at the problem is a great way to spend money but not the best way to fix the problem.

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What does this all mean?

Facebook knows what works. It knows what type of content its users are looking for and rewards the businesses that are providing it. Each year we’re getting the stats telling us how people are using the platform so we can tailor our content to our audience. As a platform it defies demographics and even 15 years after its launch, it still has an astounding growth rate. At Circle Media we’ve invested a lot of time into understanding the Facebook algorithm, so if you need help growing your business’ Facebook presence talk to the Circle Media team today.

Plus, stay tuned for our next blog where we unravel this ‘engaging content’ thing we keep going on about.

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