Website vs. social media

website vs social media

It’s the age-old question brought in to the modern era: website vs social media, which is the best option? Many people ask us whether they need a website when they have social media, or what social media can bring to their business when they have a website?

When it comes down to it, everything about your website is the property of your business. As a business you are able to control the imagery, content, layout and information provided. A website gives your business credibility and showcases your services in a professional manner.

Similarly, there are many advantages to running social media; especially when used alongside your website. Social media offers real-time updates on what is happening within your company. Giving you the chance to showcase what happens behind the scenes and on a day-to-day basis. Your customers can interact with you in two way conversations.

Some businesses have managed to build and expand their customer base through effective management of their social media platforms, while other businesses have had the same success solely launching and running a website. Ultimately, the best results will usually be gained by having a business website and complimenting the content with a suitable social media presence. However, keep in mind that not all social media platforms are suitable for all business types.

If you’re just starting out you may be unsure where to invest your time and money. Both websites and social media require time, research and strategy to be used as an effective marketing tool for your business. We are always happy to chat to you about further additional benefits either platform can bring to your business.

Andy’s thoughts on website versus social media

Today Andy shares some business tips and advice for helping you make the right decision between social media and a website.

We have included a transcript so you can read what Andy had to say:

Howdy, Andy Worland from Circle Media. I just wanna talk to you today. We’ve got a lot of people talking about whether they would rather do a website or use social media for their promotion of their business. The biggest difference between the two things is a website is a perfectly controlled environment. You control the message that’s given out on the website. You can control the look and feel of it, everything. Social media, if we use Facebook for example, gives you audience. It’s like advertising in the newspaper.

My background was newspapers. I worked in rural newspapers for years. We could place an ad on a page, but there might be a story that appeared on the side page that we are not in control of, that was completely uncomplimentary to that product and was just a disaster.

Social media is a bit the same. Not to say that everything’s a disaster on social media, but you’re dealing with an uncontrolled environment. You’re posting and talking on social media, but people can communicate back. Sometimes, that communication can be non-flattering. It might be someone complaining about a product you’ve got or something you’ve done, or a perceived issue.

If you’re going to do social media, it’s not just a commitment to actually doing the social media and putting the posting. It’s actually a commitment to monitoring the social media and dealing with any issues that do arise. And they will, from time to time. And the way to deal with the issues is to get on them quick, take the hit straightaway.

If you’ve got any questions about social media, or you’re not sure about how to run it for your business, give us a call at Circle Media, you can call us at (03) 5273-4846 or go to our website,

We have guys here who are experts in social media. We’ve been doing it for a lot of other clients. We know it works and produces results and it’s very, very cost effective. Thanks for listening, and keep an eye out for our next blog.

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