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Business cards are more important than ever in this digital age. They cut through the online clutter and can make a great first impression. This was a topic we explored thoroughly back in 2018, so I’m sure you don’t need convincing of their value. But, if you’re looking to invest in a new set of business cards there are a few things to consider first. So here are Circle Media’s top business card design tips, straight from the mouth of our top designer.

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Business Card design basics

When creating your business cards it can be easy to get carried away. There are so many ways to make them memorable and unique that you can easily get lost in the design phase. So it’s important to remember that their primary purpose is to carry your contact details.

As a minimum include your email address and phone number. This is what people have come to expect. If you’ve got a business address or website URL put them on too. But unless there are specific legal reasons for needing it, don’t include personal details such as your ABN. And most importantly, if you don’t want people calling your personal mobile number, don’t include it!

Less is always more

Whatever design you were looking for, take a step back. Once business cards start looking busy and cluttered they lose a lot of their value. Just include what you need. Include your logo and contact details and let it do what it needs to do. Your business card is designed to offer your contact information quickly and easily, so don’t let these details get lost in a complex and over the top design.

Choose your hero feature

If you’re looking to make your business cards stand out, there are lots of simple ways to achieve a polished look. Think about the finish of the card. Investing in a better paper stock will give the impression of quality in a more subtle way. Consider custom finishes, whether that’s coloured edges, letterpress, spot UV or even foiling. A custom finish will certainly elevate your card to the next level. These finishes will bump up the overall cost significantly, but they will have dramatic results.

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Keep your sizing standard

If you want to add some personality to your business cards and really make them stand out it can be tempting to mix up the shape. But before you go down this path think about the practicality. People generally won’t hang on to your card if it won’t slip nicely into their wallet. This means that any custom shape you choose, whether that’s square, thin panorama style, circle or so on, should be kept within the traditional measurements so it won’t get thrown out on sight.

Show off your business

Your business cards are a great way to highlight your credibility and show off the quality of the work you do. If you’re a registered builder include the relevant accreditation logos to build trust and boost your credibility. If you’re working in a creative field as an illustrator, photographer or painter, include a section of your work on the front. It shows your ability, adds some personality and gives the recipient a quick visual reference in regards to what you do.

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Business cards are an investment

You want your business cards to last. If you’re looking to redo your business cards and want something a little special, have a talk to our design team. We’ll create cards to custom suit your business for years to come.

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