The Project

Valtra are a quality, top of the line, tractor brand. Sold in over 75 countries worldwide, Valtra are a Finnish Tractor part of the AGCO stable in Australia.

While they are high quality, and build to last, they were poorly recognised in the market, lost in a jumble of brands and selling poorly. So, what do you do with a brand that’s high quality but not recognised? You build it.

Circle Media have worked with Valtra since 2013. One of our initial points of focus was to created a strong badge for use in all Australian marketing. Forging alignment with quality Scandinavian icons for Valtra using clean clear lines, re-emphasising the Finnish flag and pairing this with reinforcing their developed history with the inclusion of “Since 1951”. From this Kestävä was born. Kestävä is Finnish for tough, and the resultant campaign was headlined with Finnish translations to grab attention which led into ads with some of the cleanest lines we’ve ever produced.

The Kestävä campaign proved so effective it was decided by Valtra worldwide head office to roll it out internationally.

A large focus of our work with Valtra is creating press ads. Through the years a variety of press ad campaigns have been employed and utilised to showoff new product models, features and specials both for Valtra as a whole and for individual dealerships. The campaigns have evolved with the times and now incorporate the look of the worldwide style guide, with an Australia and New Zealand focused twist. As well as press ad design we have worked with the team on a range of marketing material including dealer mail outs, dealer promotional material, stationery, business cards, posters and pull up banners.

Brand recognition is strong and press ad’s can now often be found in newspapers Australia and New Zealand wide.