Total Rock Clearing

The Project

Total Rock Clearing brings together the industry knowledge and experience of Andrew Carine and Justin Sciortino. They provide all of the equipment required to reclaim rocky land and bring it back to a usable condition.

Circle Media was approached early on in the creation of Total Rock Clearing. Both partners were clients of ours, as we have done work for Carine’s Merchandise and International Pipeline Services previously. Consequently, we worked to create a brand identity and establish Total Rock Clearing as the leaders in their industry.

To design the logo, we took the prominent silhouette of the Reefinator, a key piece of machinery in the rock clearing process. We then paired this with the prominent colours from both the Carine’s Merchandise and IPS logos. This logo was then printed onto business cards and used to create invoice books and brochures for the business.

A Total Rock Clearing website was developed to be responsive, easy to navigate and detail all of the machinery available for hire. It was created to effectively communicate the purposes of each machine and provide the information required to help people reclaim unusable, rocky land.

Circle Media also worked to launch Total Rock Clearing, creating introductory brochures that explained the new business and created awareness. This campaign was supplemented with corflute signs and an online presence. Social media profiles and content was created, and communication with potential clients was established through a MailChimp database.

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