Remote Psych

The Project

Remote Psych is a new psychology practice that provides telehealth psychology services to people in regional and remote areas of Australia. This occurs through audio and visual real-time connection via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Circle Media was approached to create an identity, website and printed materials. It was crucial to establish them as a trusted, qualified and professionally recognised solution for psychological services in Australia. This was achieved through simple, approachable typefaces and a calming colour palette.

In designing theĀ logo, Remote Psych requested that a visual representation of personal connection Australia wide was necessary. The resulting logo includes a graphic of the map of Australia with connecting paths originating from the company base in Victoria. The typography in the logo was designed to be approachable yet convey a sense of trust. The colours chosen were to reflect a sense of calm, and have a natural feel. The tagline ‘Psychologists within Reach’ reinforces the message of accessibility of psychological services for clients located anywhere in Australia.

The Remote Psych website was developed to be immediately reassuring and welcoming. It is responsive, easy to navigate and has easily digestible information. It features an introductory video, and high quality images were chosen to reflect how clients needing access to Remote Psych services may be feeling across various demographics and situations. Circle Media filmed and produced an introductory video which is shown on the home page. This features Kim, a psychologist at Remote Psych explaining the services and who they are for.

Circle Media also designed A5 postcards and business cards for display in GP offices and professional organisations.

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