The Project

Multitrakpro is the invention of Martin Hallman. The system is fitted to the hub or axle of any vehicle, tractor or implement. The tyre rim is then attached to the Multitrakpro which remains fixed to the axle or hub. Once the sections have been fitted, track widths can be adjusted with a simple slide action to an alternative wheel gauge. This eliminates the need to remove a wheel whilst the vehicle is precariously weighted on any lifting device, making it safer and more efficient.

Circle Media was approached early on in the creation of Multitrakpro. We worked to create a brand identity and establish them as a brand new, engineered solution for the agricultural industry.

In designing the logo, Martin brought the ‘M’ icon to the table, and requested that we utilise it in the brand creation. The resulting logo uses the stylised ‘M’, which will later be used for other sub-branding. The typography in the logo was designed to be clear and precise, with a technical feel. The type is reminiscent of paddock track movement. The colour orange was chosen as a bold and strong compliment to white and black, which are used to reverse out the logo on different backgrounds as required.

The Multitrakpro website was developed to be responsive, easy to navigate with easily digestible information. It was created as a brochure site to compliment the launch of the Multitrakpro. It features video, and high quality images photographed by Martin.

Circle Media also worked to launch Multitrakpro, creating an introductory brochure that explained how it worked and to create awareness. This campaign was supplemented with a banner for presence at field days.

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