Grotti Lotti

The Project

Casey, aka Grotti Lotti, is a visual artist who predominantly works with watercolours, but also enjoys incorporating a mixture of mediums: ranging from acrylics to textas from her children’s supplies. It is not uncommon for a Grotti Lotti artwork to include elements painted using skewers, her hands or even a flower stem. Each art piece is turned into a unique and quirky print series available online. Her art has a large following and can be found in houses across the world.

Grotti Lotti originally approached Circle Media when she required assistance with her website. During this time Casey decided it was time to redesign her current website with a modern look and feel. Grotti Lotti needed her new site to run smoothly, handle the natural influx of traffic coming from her social media and most importantly; showcase her wonderful art in the best way possible.

Circle Media decided on keeping the look of the e-Commerce website clean, utilising minimal colour throughout so not to distract or take away from the artwork. Bright photography was supplied by Casey, these colourful and engaging professional images allowed Circle Media to integrate elements of Casey’s personality visually; via snippets of her painting and around her studio workspace.

The new custom e-Commerce website was designed to give insight in to Casey as a person, as well as Grotti Lotti the artist. Prior to this website, Grotti Lotti had never had an about page. However Circle Media really wanted to show off her fun, vibrant personality and sense of humour. Extra time was spent designing and setting up the about page to add a personal touch to the site.

Other new features included a gallery page, showcasing the prints in real life homes supplied by her customers via social media.

With every new print added to the website, a MailChimp EDM is sent out to let her customers know something new has arrived. A range of complimentary pieces are also showcased as secondary products in each MailChimp. For example, if a new bird print is released, some complimentary bird prints are included. This acts as a subtle up-sell and reminder of older artwork. The use of EDM’s has been particularly useful when limited edition prints are released.

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