East Loddon Merino Stud

The Project

East Loddon Merino Stud is run by Tom and Marcus Hooke & families, and is based midway between Deniliquin and Hay in NSW. The stud breeds SRS merino sheep selected for high quality wool, high growth rates, muscle and fat on a wrinkle free body.

Before East Loddon’s big redesign, Circle Media had completed work for the team, namely creating brochures and sale catalogues. Consequently, when it came time to upgrade the logo and create a fresh website, Circle Media was engaged.

The logo redesign was a big aspect of the job. The previous logo was easily identifiable and well known, but looked dated. Consequently, we took the recognisable E/L from the original logo and gave it a more modern feel. A cleaner font, clearer lines and more vibrant colours were chosen to give the logo a professional and modern feel. Using the new logo, fresh business cards were created that portray professionalism and are up to date.

Circle Media also redesigned the website to freshen it up and improve its responsiveness and navigation. We updated the aesthetics of the site for a more modern look with cleaner fonts and higher quality images. We also worked to streamline the site to improve navigation and enhance the information being shown.

To support the fresh look of the logo and website, Circle Media created supplementary brochures, posters, flyers, banners and sales catalogues that reflected the new feel and created a consistent brand look for East Loddon Merino Stud.

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