Time is running out to claim your .au domain

Time is running out to claim your au domain

If you have an existing .com.au, .net.au, or org.au domain name you only have until September 20 to claim its exact .au match.

The new .au direct names launched back on March 24 and the rollout is currently in the Priority Allocation Process until September 20. If you do not secure your .au before this date, it will become available to the general public from October 3.

For most people and businesses, if you’re already a registrant of an eligible domain (such as a .com.au or .net.au), you have until September 20 2022 to indicate whether you intend to apply for the exact match of your existing domain with the .au extension. In most cases, your application will be approved within a few days.

If you choose not to apply for the exact match of a name it will become available to anyone when public registrations open.

Three reasons why you should apply for the .au version of your domain now

There’s absolutely no obligation to get your .au domain, but we very strongly recommend it. Your current domain will not be affected and will continue to operate as normal, but bear in mind that auDA’s intention is that .au will eventually become more prevalent for Australian web users. This means that in future, the assumption may be that your website URL is mybusinessname.au rather than mybusinessname.com.au.

1 Protect your brand
Even if you’re not convinced that .au domains will become the norm, if you do not secure it before the cut-off date then anyone could register it. This may be a business competitor who uses the exact .au match of your existing domain to redirect to their own website, or worse – someone intent on using your business’s credibility to conduct damaging or fraudulent activities while impersonating your business.
2 It’s short and sweet
Eliminating the .com or .net from your domain makes it easier and more memorable for customers. Most websites don’t need to have the ‘www.’ specified, so www.mybusinessname.com.au will be as simple as mybusinessname.au. Not only is it easier to say and remember, it’s also much easier to fit onto marketing materials!
3 Nothing has to change (for now)
Securing the .au match of your current domain doesn’t mean anything has to change for now. Having multiple domain names does not mean that you must host and manage more than one website; the .au domain can simply redirect web users to your existing website. You have plenty of time to make the necessary plans if you choose to transition your website, marketing materials, and email addresses to the shorter domain.

Check your domain priority status

If you’ve registered an eligible domain, you can check the status of your domain using auDA’s priority status tool. You don’t have to include the end, just the name itself is fine. E.g. searching for mybusinessname instead of mybusinessname.com.au will work just fine.

auDA Priority Status Tool

When you enter your domain name, the results will indicate if any other versions of the same name are currently registered. If there aren’t any others listed – or you are the registrant of all of the variations that are listed – and you apply for priority status before the cut-off date, you should get the .au domain.

Find out more about the priority status and what happens if your domain name is contested.

Wrapping up

Circle Media very strongly recommend that you apply for the .au version of any eligible domains during the priority allocation period; this will help prevent any confusion in future should .au domains become the norm.

If we manage your domain name(s) and you would like to apply to register the .au version, get in touch with Andy as soon as possible and we’ll get the order in for you. If you self-manage your own domain names, head to your domain name registrar and complete your .au application there.

Once your priority .au application is submitted, you may receive an email about a priority token. If this is the case, your .au domain cannot be registered without it – so please keep an eye on the inbox of the email associated with your domain name and keep it handy in case it’s needed.

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